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The weight of the world can be heavy, but we are a part of something so much bigger. Just like the moon, the journey of life happens in many phases, sometimes light, sometimes dark; but we know the light is always there. My mission is to remind my clients of the light they have within, even when it’s behind the clouds. My services utilize a safe, non-judgmental intuitive approach, to align you with just the balance you may need. I’m just a message away. Get in touch with me to align with the best version of you!

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How can I support your sacred journey? Are you seeking a safe space of healing, spiritual advising, energetic alignment, nurturing empowerment?

View my services and areas of speciality, and let's chat about YOU!

Tarot Readings

Spiritual Guidance

Healing Empowerment

Stress Reduction

Self-Care & Energetic Nurturing

Resilience Restoration

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What Clients Say

"Alexis was so amazing and is positive during my reading. It was my first time ever having a tarot card reading. Although I was on edge, Alexis made all of my concerns & questions were addressed during my reading - even some difficult topics that I've been dealing with for a while now. I would definitely go to her again for another because she was pretty spot on with everything that has been going on in my life. She made sure to give me a thorough description of every card that was pulled and explained everything in such a positive light. Alexis is truly talented. I couldn't thank her enough."

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"You are your best thing."

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