About The Founder: Alexis J., MPH

Alexis Jennings is the founder of ZenShells. She obtained her Master's in Public Health with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Florida. Alexis is a current PhD Student in Mind-Body Medicine, with goals of becoming an integrative wellness consultant specializing in socially & economically disadvantaged populations with a cancer diagnosis. 


ZenShells is an integrative health and wellness movement created to emphasize mind-body connection awareness in relation to health and quality of life. "Zen" to Alexis means, balance, in all aspects of life and health. "Shells" comes from part of her mother's name, as she has instilled in her the strength and courage for all she pursues today.


As a woman of color, She is very passionate about making holistic wellness more accessible to other individuals of color, as this is something our community specifically lacks.  

She is also very passionate towards the topics of public health, cancer disparities among minorities, quality of life, stress reduction, chronic disease prevention, integrative medicine, health communications, art therapy and more.


ZenShells emphasizes integrative services & products to assist anyone along their journey to optimal health and healing.

Alexis strives to help YOU along your lifestyle journey through self-care products, personalized affirmations, energetic readings, wellness coaching, and more! Check out her work and offerings within the services tab of this site!

Good Health comes from within...... find your ZEN. - Alexis J.