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Mantra Card Decks (Custom Decks Available)

Mantras or positive affirmations are a huge part of my daily selfcare practice. They are positive statements that I read (and write) everyday, that begin my day energetically, spiritually, mentally and physically amazing. A huge part of keeping me G R O U N D E D.


These cards can be used throughout your week to put you in line with your inner peace. Pick up one card each day during the week, and see how just one mantra a day can change your life. Namaste.

Traditional 7-day Deck $10

Traditional 30-day Deck $40

Traditional 60-day Deck $85

Custom 7-day Deck $20

Custom 30-day Deck $55

Custom 60-day Deck $100

Tarot Card Readings (Distance, In-Person, Quick Card Pulls)

My tarot readings are 5 card pulls. They are used as an intuitive guide to assist you in a specific circumstance or can be a general reading. My readings reflect your current situation, relationship to your goal, a sense for the future, discusses any blockages, and advice to move forward.

I say sense for the future because in my opinion the future can truly change at anytime as it's really affected by the law of attraction.


Readings are offerings in person, distance via video chat, or affordable quick card pulls (also distance)

My quick card pulls work via energetic connection. I use the client's photo and first and last name to connect with them energetically. Then I begin working with the tarot cards based on what was asked. I send the client a write up of their readings with images of the card spread via email or preferred contact method.

My readings are not so much as basic as "reading your future" even though I can. I speak more in terms of the frequency you are operating on and help put you in line for what you need.

Please see some of my review in the gallery below!

In-Person Reading/Distance Video Chat (30-45 mins) $55

Quick Card Pulls $20

Crystals & Herbal Cleansing Bundles

Looking to learn more about crystals or herbs? Or do you already have a solid foundation in crystal or herbal healing? Either way, I can connect you with the products you want or need! Not sure what to get? That's fine too! I can also provided you with intuitive crystal or herbal guidance depending on your needs.

Fee depends on crystal, herbal or bundle and request. 

Custom Zen Boxes

My customized Zen boxes are filled with your desired self-care needs. Boxes can be made small, medium or large. Images above include Mother's Day Zen boxes; however Zen boxes are made for any and every occasion. Birthdays, graduations, holidays or even just because.

Large box: 10 Zen products; $60

Medium box: 6 Zen products; $30

Small box: 3 Zen products; $10

Products can vary from: white sage, palo Santo, infused bath salts, bath bombs, 7-day mantra card deck, crystals, candle, painted classes/mugs, and more!

Box art work can be customized to client needs.(Sunflower image is an example)

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Coming Soon

I am here to support you in all aspects of what you seek. Whether we simply explore what's on your mind or something even deeper, I hold a sacred space for you. You are the driver, and I am honored to be the passenger along your lifestyle journey.