Made to order: Please allow at least 7 business days to create custom box


My customized Zen boxes are filled with your desired self-care needs. Boxes can be made small, medium or large. Images above include Mother's Day Zen boxes; however Zen boxes are made for any and every occasion. Birthdays, graduations, holidays or even just because.

Large box: 10 Zen products; $80

Medium box: 6 Zen products; $50

Small box: 3 Zen products; $20

Products can vary from: sage (various kinds), palo Santo, infused bath salts, bath bombs, 7-day mantra card deck, crystals, candles, and more!

Box art work can be customized to client needs.(Sunflower image is an example)


When booking: in note section please list any specific themes, box art, etc

Custom Zen Boxes